Description of Membership Interest

Membership Interest is capital interest in the fund.

It is an investment tool which allows for the profitability of investments to be increased by directly participating in the Fund’s capital and profit distribution accordingly. Investors contribute capital to the fund.

The monetary return is secured by real estate properties. By contributing to the fund, investors receive a high return, as well as holding priority buying rights to the fund’s real estate assets.


Terms and Conditions for Investing in Membership Interest

Term Minimum 5 years
Minimum amount $1,000,000 U.S. dollars
Profit distribution Monthly
Additional deposit Starting at 250,000 U.S. dollars over the new term
Early withdrawal Allowed
Secured obligation No
Tax on interest US tax bracket
Reporting Monthly
Online access Yes

Profit Distribution:

  • First 7% to the investor
  • Interest from 7 to 10% is splitted equally between the investor and the fund manager
  • Interest above 10% is distributed between the investor (10%) and the fund manager (90%)


Advantages of Investing in the Imperial Fund

  • Low risks (low LTV, conservative underwriting)
  • High sustainable rate of return (as compared to other instruments)
  • Monthly profit distribution
  • Reliable jurisdiction (transparency and regulation by U.S. laws)
  • Adjustable U.S. tax rate (0-40%)
  • Diversification of investments (a new instrument in portfolio)

How it Works

How to Buy Membership Interest

  • Open US LLC or Corporation
  • Sign subscription agreement with all necessary forms
  • Wire funds to fund attorney's Escrow account
  • Start receive monthly profit distributions

Legal Aspects

  • Investing is only available to US residents (individuals and legal entities)*
  • Deposits may be made using the investor's foreign bank account
  • The investor shall be entitled to assign the account to any third party, by submitting a relevant application to the Fund, and subject to approval by Fund Manager
  • The rights to income can be transferred to any successor or preliminarily indicated beneficiary
  • The owner can transfer its agreement into trust management

*Fund attorneys offer complex services for US residents, including registration as a company in the US,  accounting records, yearly accompaniment, and other aspects associated with this investment program, regardless of the jurisdiction (Russian Federation, Cyprus, Hong Kong, the US, etc.) For more information, please contact a client manager.